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Sleep hacks to stay cool and slumber peacefully all night long

One of the biggest challenges that people are faced with while trying to get a good night’s sleep is staying cool. Spoon Sleep Inventor and Co-Founder Herman Fisher offers 5 tips to keep cool at night so you can have a more restful sleep.  Spoon Sleep, is a patent-pending sleep system that offers the first mattress designed for life – whether it’s sleeping, sitting, streaming or studying. Constructed with industrial-strength foam pillars that have never been used in a mattress before,  Spoon Sleep uniquely supports all of the body’s various pressure points – from the shoulders, to the back, to the hips. The patent-pending technology can withstand hundreds of thousands of compressions. Its spill-resistant cover guards against spills and allows for maximum airflow to keep the mattress cool and clean.  Here are Herman's tips:

1. Don’t be afraid to sweat

Sweating is your body’s own way of keeping you cool through a process called Evaporative Cooling. Evaporative Cooling is essential in your sleep environment to keep the body temperature balanced for a cool, restful night’s sleep. When you sweat, the only way to get to a cooler temperature is through the evaporation of water from your skin. If you are experiencing a hot body temperature consecutively over a week span, try kick starting the cooling process! One to two hours prior to your normal bedtime, try some mild exercise like jumping jacks or running in place. Once you are close to breaking a sweat, your body will start the normal Evaporative Cooling process drawing out the layered water in your skin.

2. Upgrade your fan

When sweating isn’t enough, you can purchase an Evaporative Cooling fan that is designed to replicate the same process your body uses to cool down an entire room. The fan will help to remove moisture from the air and prevent the space from getting too stuffy. If the air is holding too much water, the sweat on your skin will not evaporate, leaving your body temperature hot and your room uncomfortable.

3. Clothing

Dress in layers; remove layers as your body adjusts to your temperature. Try wearing clothing made up of non-synthetic materials, like cotton. Focus on loose fitting attire that won’t cling to your body.

4. Ice

Try to drink ice water prior to sleeping. Avoid coffee or other drinks that contain caffeine. Keeping an ice pack handy throughout the night can help. Place the ice pack on the back of the neck to help create a cooling sensation for your body.

5. Channel your inner Zen

Stress can be a determining factor in your body temperature. The more stressed you are, the higher the blood pressure and the higher the body temperature. Try to focus on yourself and what brings you happiness. Channel your inner Zen through breathing exercises or even meditation. Focus on abdominal breathing; take 6-8 breaths per minute for at least 5-15 minutes. Reading can be another great remedy, especially if you are excited about the ending. You might try a crossword puzzle or a favorite game. Whatever it takes to help you unwind.

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