Aug 15, 2017
Unboxing The Patent Pending Revolutionary Spoon Mattress | By Honest Mattress Reviews

Shipping Packaging Unboxing Unwrapping The Vacuum Seal Instant Recovery Time Back To Natural State A Mattress Designed To Last The Test Of Time With Included Premium Spill-Resistant Cover View original post here

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Aug 10, 2017
Former Sealy exec launches Spoon Sleep, new online retailer | By Furniture Today

CINCINNATI – A former Sealy executive has launched Spoon Sleep, the newest online mattress retailer, which boasts of offering “industrial-strength foam pillars, never before used in a mattress.” Those pillars support all of the body’s pressure points, and the patent-pending technology withstands hundreds of thousands of compressions in testing, officials said. Spoon Sleep...

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Aug 09, 2017
Spoon Sleep Launches A New Type of Mattress | By Sleep Sherpa

Traditional mattresses aren’t designed to be used for long hours of use. Prolonged use only reduces the life span of most mattresses. Enter Spoon Sleep – an all-new entrant in the mattress industry launches its very first mattress that is designed for life – a mattress you can sleep on,...

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