Aug 07, 2017
Spoon Sleep Flips Mattress Industry On Its Back: Launches Its First Product Developed For Sleep, Designed For Life

Railroad-Grade Foam Pillars Deliver Unprecedented Durability, Withstand Extensive Compression AND Provide Support Today's bed is a piece of furniture used throughout the night and day, and traditional mattresses aren't designed to meet those needs. Enter Spoon Sleep, a patent-pending sleep system that today launches its first mattress designed for life – whether it's...

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Jul 31, 2017
Is Spooning Good for You?

Let’s be honest, sleeping beside your partner can sometimes be, well, annoying.   These disturbances can sometimes lead couples to sleep separately.  If you  sleep solo, you are not alone ( I mean you are alone, but others sleep without their partners also).  Cuddling (all night or just 10 minutes) can...

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