As with any other great product, Spoon started life as a great idea. A couple of really smart guys were considering the shortcomings of modern foam mattresses (you know, the kind of conversation you’re always overhearing at your favorite coffee shop). First, they thought that the support was lacking — humans aren’t linear and uniform from head to toe, so why is a mattress made that way?

They also realized that a lot of people, especially the younger generation, use their bed more like a piece of all-day furniture: laying down as they read, sitting as they stream video, standing as they play air guitar. Your run-of-the-mill foam mattress is hardly made well for sleeping, much less daily living.

Now, here’s where it gets serious. The more engineer-ish guy had been involved in pioneering a special foam used in the railbeds for trains to help absorb harmful and bothersome vibrations. They worked with this foam until they figured out how to adapt it for use in a mattress. By placing specialized pieces of this super-foam within a layered-foam base, they created a system that provides support right where the body needs it while maintaining the body’s natural alignment.

And that, kids, is how Spoon came to life! This unique foam spoons you in perfect comfort for restful sleep, and provides the ideal support for everything you do during your busy day. Spoon is your life hub. The center of your sleeping and waking universe. Spoon helps you be the best version of you — so that you too might be inspired to bring something amazing to life.



    "Since its arrival, I have achieved the best sleep I’ve had in years. Thank you, Spoon Sleep. As a mom of a 9-month old, I appreciate you more than you know."

    - Melissa

    "The whole process could not have been easier. Simply open the top, flip the box and the vacuum-sealed mattress slides right out."

    - Mark

    "The comfort and support provided by the Spoon mattress is unmatched. The only perceived negative is the comfort level is so high, you might run the risk of never wanting to get out of bed"

    - Eric