• Simply choose the right-sized Spoon for you — we manufacture all the standard dimensions, so you can keep using your favorite superhero sheets
  • It’s okay to jump on your bed! Every sleep system is made with industrial-strength foam that bounces back, compression after compression
  • Our breathable spill-resistant cover makes for quick cleanups to keep your sleep system cozy and dry
  • Your new sleep system comes with a risk-free 100-night trial — because you have the right to be satisfactorily spooned
  • Designed & Manufactured in the USA

Spoon Reviews

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  • Your Spoon Sleep System is compressed into a stylish and conveniently sized carton, which will be waiting at your door for a joyous unboxing
  • Your Spoon Foundation is also shipped in a conveniently sized carton
  • We have free shipping! Seriously, shipping is free! Free, free, free! (Shipping is free.)
  • We feel positive that you won’t ever need it, but we DO have free returns… but you really won’t need it… we promise

    "Since its arrival, I have achieved the best sleep I’ve had in years. Thank you, Spoon Sleep. As a mom of a 9-month old, I appreciate you more than you know."

    - Melissa

    "The whole process could not have been easier. Simply open the top, flip the box and the vacuum-sealed mattress slides right out."

    - Mark

    "The comfort and support provided by the Spoon mattress is unmatched. The only perceived negative is the comfort level is so high, you might run the risk of never wanting to get out of bed"

    - Eric