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About Spoon

Spoon Sleep is an e-commerce and Home Show brand with a mission to develop an adaptive sleep system that brings balance and peace to different types of sleep positions. Spoon’s foam pillars and individual coil system provide spinal alignment and comfort through innovative solutions. Spoon Sleep markets and sells through direct-to-consumer online channels with a 100-night sleep trial.

Proudly designed and made in the USA, Spoon Sleep wakes a slumbering industry with a mattress featuring innovative, industrial-strength foam pillars (patent pending) and strategically placed premium coil systems to comfort and cushion in every sleep position. These technologies support shoulders, back and hips, adapting to each person’s sleep preferences and movements during the night, and offer balance and peace for different types of sleepers nestled together. Backed by its 100-night trial, Spoon is built for every sleep position, ensuring adaptive support to create comfort and cushioning.