Spoon Mattress will not disappoint

"Not our first mattress in a box, but by far the best. Who would have known that a mattress in a box would sleep far more superior than their expensive counterparts you see on showroom floors?

The creators of the Spoon Mattress have really outdone themselves. The quality and craftsmanship are unmatched. The box arrived promptly at our door, unboxing and setup were a breeze. Our sleep has never been better. Just the right firmness and support. No more tossing and turning and waking up drenched in sweat. To all the mattress in a box skeptics, the Spoon Mattress will not disappoint. "

- Clarence M.

Comfortable & Supportive

"My wife and I tried Spoon Sleep after our expensive name brand mattress did not work. We previously slept on a gel mattress that cost several thousand dollars, but I woke up with a back ache nearly every morning, even after attempting several sleeping positions. I live an active lifestyle that includes playing sports and running. Over the years, I have developed the need for a more firm mattress, which I did not think Spoon Sleep would offer.

I was initially skeptical about receiving a mattress in a box, one that I had not tested in the store. The mattress arrived on time and the instructions proved to be easier than I thought they would be. We took the mattress out of the box, placed it on the bed, and voila!

After sleeping on the mattress, I feel that I am ready to conquer the day! The only problem that I have is getting out of the bed due to the of the level of comfort. I have had to set some extra alarms. I am pain-free when I get out of bed, which is new for me. I used to lie in bed and go through a stretching routine to prevent any further back pain. Sleeping has become this new thing that I actually enjoy!

I will be recommending this bed to my friends. I thought that I had chronic back pain and possibly some form of a sleeping disorder. Sleeping on my Spoon Mattress helped me to realize that I was sleeping on the wrong mattress before. Many of the myths and misnomers regarding mattresses were dispelled with my Spoon Mattress such as: (a) you have to pay the expensive mattress store price; (b) you have to buy a named brand mattress; (c) box mattresses cannot be firm; and the most important in my opinion, (d) all mattresses are nearly the same. My rating is a five out of five! Thank you to the creators of Spoon Sleep."

- Bennie B.


"Let me start off by saying that there are no restless nights if you're sleeping on this mattress, it is virtually impossible. After sleeping on a bed that had seen its glory days, the Spoon Mattress was the perfect fit - like the missing piece to a puzzle.

The first night was dreamy and I haven't looked back since. In fact, I get upset when I have to get out of the bed. I give it a 5 out of 5 for comfort and eradicating sleep deprivation. I highly recommend the Spoon Mattress!"

- Stacy L.

No need to turn the A/C down at night

"I received my Spoon Mattress via UPS. The mattress was delivered to my front door and it was neatly packaged. I did not encounter any difficulties unwrapping the mattress. After getting it out of the package, I laid it down in an empty room in my house for 24 hours so it could fully extend. The delivery process was very convenient and easy.

Prior to sleeping on our new Spoon Mattress, my wife and I slept on a Serta pillow top mattress. We purchased the mattress approximately 5 years ago. The comfort level is good, but our biggest complaint about the mattress is how hot it gets when you sleep on it. We tried out the Spoon Mattress and the first night it took us a little to adjust to it. At this time, and a scale from 1-5 we would rate our Spoon Mattress a 4. Comfort is good and the biggest change for us we are cool at night versus having to push down the A/C and turning the fan on at the same time to sleep comfortably. The only improvement to our mattress is that it could be a little thicker so we could sit a bit higher."

- Giovanni A.

Great Sleep

My husband and I were both starting to wake up with back aches after a nights sleep. Our first question, that we could not answer, was "How old is this mattress?" followed by" How do we shop for a new one?". After some research on line and talking with people, we realized the benefits of the Spoon mattress with the foam support pillars. It was delivered directly to our door and was very easy to open and fun to watch expand. It is very comfortable. We sleep well and wake up without any aches. We recommend the spoon mattress to everyone..

- Carol H.

To Spoon & Beyond

“During my pregnancy, I could not get comfortable while sleeping. When I started sleeping on the Spoon Mattress during my 2nd trimester, it provided me with the exact support I needed. Since sleeping on the Spoon Mattress I have not once woken up with back pain. The Spoon Mattress is paradise for any side sleeper. Now if only they had a cure for my husband’s snoring.”

- Kristen M.

Best Sleep in years!

"My husband and I have struggled to find a mattress that fits both of our needs as far as comfort and support is concerned. We had even tried a bed-in-a-box prior to Spoon, and we were incredibly disappointed by the quality of the mattress. When the Spoon Mattress arrived, I was initially skeptical due to our disappointment in the last bed in a box mattress. However, I was incredibly excited to discover that my suspicions were very wrong. Since the arrival of our new Spoon mattress, I have slept wonderfully! I don’t find myself getting hot at night and it provides supreme support in areas where I feel I need it most (hips, back, neck).

When you think about how important sleep is and the fact that your mattress is one of the most used items in the home, it’s so critical to invest in something fantastic. I would strongly recommend this mattress to anyone I know. Since its arrival, I have achieved the best sleep I’ve had in years. Thank you, Spoon Sleep. As a mom of a 9-month old, I appreciate you more than you know."

- Melissa M.

Sleep Cool & Supported

"The process of opening this mattress isn't really a “process” at all. You take it out of the box, cut open the plastic covering and voila! Your mattress begins to expand!I was surprised at how quickly the mattress expanded. We were able to sleep on it the first night after opening. I recommend this mattress for anyone who likes more support in their sleep since it's more on the firm side. One thing I noticed was how cool the mattress stayed throughout the night. With our traditional mattress, I found myself taking the covers on and off while I slept. With the Spoon Sleep mattress I stay as cool as the other side of the pillow! Overall, my expectations were exceeded on our first boxed mattress!"

- Vikas S.

Game Changer

"Coming from mattresses that have cost us a few thousands dollars, we made an attempt at the bed in a box concept as the convenience and quality guarantees were appealing. We first purchased from a leading brand in the industry. After a few months, we did not feel we slept as well as we believed to be possible. We decided to give it the bed in a box concept another shot before going back to a traditional mattress purchase. We are so glad that we did! We found Spoon mattresses and it has been a game changer. I often struggled with getting a good night's sleep and felt sore after waking up with other mattresses. Now I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. The comfort and support provided by the Spoon mattress is unmatched. The only perceived negative is the comfort level is so high, you might run the risk of never wanting to get out of bed which will lead to a drastic decline in your daily productivity and potentially poor performance reviews for not showing up to work! I'd highly recommend this mattress and support this as the new way to buy a mattress!"

- Eric M.

Sound Sleep Without Tossing and Turning

"Initially it was a little difficult to get used to a foam mattress coming from an innerspring for the first week. Now we are very satisfied with the experience. It is extremely comfortable and easy to sleep undisturbed even when the other person moves around. We also feel like we have more sound sleep without the need to toss and turn."

- Mitul & Richa D.

Right Amount of Soft & Firm Comfort

"After sleeping on an old mattress for 5-6 years, I often woke feeling groggy and fatigued. The first weeks with Spoon Sleep, I initially noticed discomfort, however the reason for this discomfort is due to the Spoon Sleep correcting the way I slept. Two-three weeks into my experience, I noticed substantial improvement in my sleep. I’m able to fall asleep within minutes of laying down and I wake up feeling energized and ready to start my day. My wife has struggled with issues surrounding her hips and back, following years of athletic activity. With the Spoon Mattress, her symptoms have drastically decreased.

I prefer a firmer mattress, my wife prefers a softer mattress. With all these other companies advertising personal customization or “sleep settings,” we were shocked at how the Spoon Mattress accommodated both of our desired comfort levels without any fancy remotes, partitions or any other “high-tech” features other companies advertise to their customers.

We thought we were simply ordering a comfortable mattress. Little did we know, the Spoon Mattress actually improved and adjusted our bodies to the way we were naturally intended to sleep. The mattress is very comfortable, however the fact that I am no longer experiencing tension or soreness when I wake up and my wife is no longer experience pain in her hip or back FAR surpassed our initial expectations. We are extremely happy with the Spoon Mattress and would without question recommend to our friends and family."

- Rick S.

No More Tossing & Turning

"The whole process could not have been easier. Simply open the top, flip the box and the vacuum-sealed mattress slides right out. Within minutes the mattress was ready and giving me some of the best sleep of my adult life. I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my tossing and turning throughout the night and find myself waking up in the morning feeling refreshed. I’ve always been skeptical of the “bed in a box” quality, but my Spoon Mattress has blown my expectations (and previous mattress) out of the water. I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone looking for an improvement in their sleep quality."

- Mark S.

My bed is my sanctuary

It's more than just sleep for me. My Spoon gives me everything I need to sleep, relax and live the way I want. And it's the only bed my husband and I have ever agreed on :)

- Megan B.

comfort & support

A fantastic balance of comfort and support. I've slept on firmer mattresses for the past 20 years due to back issues, and while a firm mattress can provide support, they typically come at the expense of comfort. I've looked at memory foam options, but have never trusted that I would get the support in my shoulders and hips that I need. With Spoon, I'm getting the best of both, which I never thought I could get in a bed and a box. I wake up better rested, and with less back pain than I had with a much more expensive traditional option. Very, very happy with my Spoon.

- Adam B.

get your best sleep ever!

Loving our new sleek mattress! Extremely comfortable and cool! So easy to order, assemble and use right away. Just the right support - we will be recommending this mattress to all of our friends, neighbors and colleagues!

- Amy

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