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#SpaceGoals: Key elements to create a cozy bed


We’ve all got #spacegoals from that blogger, magazine, HGTV show, etc. who has their bedroom set up just cozy. Let it be known that it’s not about spending $$$$ to make your bedroom look luxurious but how you make it your own fabulous.

In truth, having that insta-worthy bed is not as difficult as it looks. You probably just realized that what makes a bed thick and fluffy is having a high-quality mattress and ample set of pillows PLUS layers of sheets, blankets, comforter, throws and pillows.

If you have no idea what uses these serve, don’t worry. This Infographic from Macey & Moore, a trusted name in pure linen market, will give you an insight on how to make that perfectly layered bed.

layered bed


  • Headboard – is both a decorative and functional part of the bed. It protects the wall from dirt and provides a backing for propped pillows.

  • Footboard – provides additional support and keeps your pillows from sliding off the bottom of the bed.

  • Mattress – forms the base of your perfectly layered bed. It comes with endless variations in size, style, spring and stuffing. It is best to try out different models to find the perfect fit for you.


  • Bottom Sheet - covers the mattress. It typically has an elastic band to hold it firmly in the right place. Nowadays, bottom sheet can double as a top sheet.

TIP: Both flat sheet and fitted sheet can be made out of all types of fabrics. However, a linen is more recommendable because of its soft, breathable and durable quality.

  • Top Sheet - also known as a flat sheet, this will separate you from your comforter, blanket or quilt. In some countries like Europe, the duvet cover takes the place of the sheet.

How to Use it: Put the flat sheet on the bed with the wrong side facing up, leaving enough room at the top to fold the sheet over other blankets. This way, the fold will be facing right side up. Tuck the sheet in under the mattress and make crisp hospital corners.

  • Bedspread - is constructed similarly to a coverlet except the latter typically falls only a few inches below the mattress. It is designed to meet the floor, it covers the entire bed.

Note: Each bed requires at least two complete sheet sets. Replace sheet sets one at a time by replacing the oldest one twice a year. It’s best to invest in quality sheets, like French pure linens, that will maintain their color and structure for years.


  • Duvet – is similar to a comforter except it is sold without a finished decorative cover. It comes as a soft flat bag often filled with natural fillers (like down or feathers) and is often placed at the foot.

Tip: If you prefer changing your bed to go with the season, a duvet is best for you. Likewise, you can opt for ones with dual, coordinating fabrics for the face and reverse sides so you can easily flip the top whenever you want to.

  • Duvet Cover – is a slip-on protective layer that protects your duvet during use. The duvet should fit snugly inside its cover to keep it from lumping.

  • Comforter – is typically a thick, quilted fluffy blanket that is filled with evenly distributed, synthetic fiber filler. Unlike a duvet, it only forms one piece of all your bed linens and is often already sold with coordinating separates.

How to Use it: Place your comforter on top of your sheets to create a layered look.

  • Blanket – may be used on its own or over a comforter/duvet. It is commonly made of wool or cotton and comes in variety of weights that makes it suitable for different temperature conditions throughout the year.

  • Coverlet – is a decorative bedspread that is lightweight and non-reversible. It is often made loose, semi-fitted or fitted and can double as throws on a bed or sofa.

  • Throw Blanket – adds extra warmth at the foot of the bed. It is generally smaller than a regular blanket but still is a good way to add a layer to your bed.


  • Bolster Pillow – is a cylindrical pillow used for lumbar support while sitting up in bed. This pillow ranges in size often spanning the entire width of the bed.

  • Continental Pillow – is a large square pillow that sits against the headboard. It is also known as Euro Pillow.

  • Decorative Pillow – which can be referred to as a throw pillow or accent pillow, is a small pillow that adds decoration to your bed. It comes in various shapes and sizes.

  • Pillow for sleeping – a rectangular pillow you can use when sleeping. It has three sizes including standard, queen or king, to fit your bed or sleeping necessities.

Pillow Covers

  • Pillowcase – covers most types of pillows. Change pillowcases at least twice per week to keep your face from breakouts or skin irritation.

  • Pillow Sham – is like a pillowcase, except it does not open on its side. It is often ruffled or embellished and is typically more decorative than most pillowcases.


Be sure to check out https://www.macey.store for more details on all your bed linens. Happy snoozing

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