Spoon Sleep Mattress Review by Honest Mattress Reviews

Spoon Sleep Mattress Review by Honest Mattress Reviews

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Benefits of the Spoon Sleep

  • Durable, Built To Last.  This mattress is built for instant comfort but designed to last 10+ years.
  • Spill-Resistant Cover. The cover has all the benefits of a mattress protector without any of the negatives such as noisy when you move or tendencies to sleep hot.
  • Industrial-Strength Foam. The soft top layers create a unique feel that melts around your body as you slowly sink into the support layer.

Concerns of the Spoon Sleep

  • Edge Support.  It’s hard to find anything wrong with this mattress, design or quality materials.  The only potential issue you might have is upon sitting on edge support if you’re over 250 pounds.

Spoon Pricing

How The Mattress Feels

If you have never slept on an all foam mattress, it’s normal for your body to take up to 30-days to fully adjust to this new sleep surface.

Night 1.  After unboxing the Spoon mattress, the foam restored to the natural state at 10 inches instantly.  Some foam mattresses can take up to 24 hours to fully restore to the original height – pre-compression.  It is important to note that when a foam mattress is first opened, it can also take up to 24 hours for the foams to return to their natural firmness.  Many times when you first open a mattress they will feel slightly softer than designed.

Night 2.  The foam returned to the engineered firmness and felt terrific.  This mattress has a softer, more responsive feel in places yet due to the zoned support Pillars, other sections maintain the perfect support regardless of your sleep position.

Night 14.  My body fully adjusted to the mattress feel, firmness, and overall support.

Night  30.  By night thirty I felt that my body and the mattress had reached the perfect ‘break in’ point.  I knew what feel to expect before I lay down and I woke up feeling rested and refreshed.

Sleep trial.  Spoon Sleep offers a 100-night sleep trial.  This ensures you have the time to truly love your Spoon mattress but also to give your body time to adapt and get used to the all foam design with supportive feel.

Is this a good mattress for you?  If you’ve never slept on an all foam mattress, this is a great option to make your first.  Some beds are too firm or too soft and simply will not deliver the sleep you’re used to.  This build and feel will ease you into the pressure relieving benefits of foam without the sinking stuck feeling.

Firmness Rating

  • Pillar support. This patented design provides you the best of a hybrid support system without the stiff coil spring feel.
  • Responsive. When you move this mattress will give. Then creates a comfort feel rather than a stiff firm feel.
  • Gel cooling. You will not sleep hot and uncomfortable as the top responsive layer will dissipate your body heat.
  • Strong base. If you weight more than 225 lbs you will not feel like you're going through this mattress. It can provide support for up to 400 lbs per person.
  • Edge Support. As it's all foam if you weight over 225 lbs you will feel the edge sink. This is normal in an all foam mattress.
  • Extra firm preference. This mattress is right in the middle of the firmness scale. If you like sleeping on a very firm surface this is not for you.

Spoon Sleep Mattress Shipping Packaging

The Spoon Sleep mattress is conveniently ordered online and shipped directly to your home.

Price for shipping.  If you’re wondering how much it costs to have a mattress shipped all the way to your home … prepared to be shocked! Your price is zero, nada, nothing.  Please note, at this time Spoon is not shipping to Hawaii or Alaska.

How can a mattress fit into a small box?  The Spoon mattress is a 10-inch mattress that is then compressed and vacuum sealed to fit into a compact shipping box.

Do you need two people to move it?  One person can definitely move the box with the mattress inside to your room.  With two people it will be much easier – especially if you have stairs in your home.

Spoon Sleep Mattress Unboxing

Once you move the box with your new mattress into your room you can cut the shipping tape to open the box.  You will see the mattress, vacuum sealed, fitting snugly in the box.

Simply turn the box over to remove the mattress and you’re ready to remove the plastic vacuum seal wrap.

Unwrapping The Vacuum Seal On The Spoon Sleep Mattress

When you remove the Spoon mattress you will also find an individually wrapped support Pillar which is a great extra touch.  This allows you to actually touch and feel the Pillar technology.  As you compress the Pillar you will feel how strong yet supportive this proprietary technology truly is.

The Spoon Sleep Mattress Had An Instant Recovery Time Back To Natural State

With so many all foam mattresses on the market, most have a similar feel with slight variances in the firmness level.  Spoon mattress, on the other hand, stands in a league of its own when describing the overall supportive feel.

How the SmartLive breathable cover feels.  When you first lay on the Spoon mattress, you’re going to feel the quality of the cover.  From the aesthetically pleasing design to the soft and stretchy functionality you will feel the quality craftsmanship at first touch.

The perfect level of responsive yes supportive.  When you push your hand into the mattress, the premium foams will respond instantly.  From the very first time you lay down, you will feel your body heat absorbed and dissipated because of the cooling foam top layer.  Maintaining a cool, comfortable sleep environment is key to your overall sleep health and wellness.

Memory foam layer.  As you lay there, you will feel your body slowly sink into the mattress as the memory foam middle layer responds to your body and eliminates any pressure points.

The unique and truly appreciated support base layer with Pillar technology.   Unlike most foam mattresses on the market that lack proper lumbar support, Spoon mattress uses zoning technology to distribute your natural body weight in real-time to eliminate all pressure points.  This means that different sections the bed will provide different levels of support.  This type of engineering leads to award-winning products that will truly last the test of time.  The heavier parts of your body need varying levels of support.  Spoon’s dual-density patented Pillar solution provides you unprecedented support without the need of traditional coil springs.

Do the Pillars really work?  The answer in short – yes; absolutely.  Through extensive Research and Development, these industrial strength foam Pillars are strategically positioned throughout the mattress to ensure your body remains properly supported to keep your body aligned; regardless of your sleep position.   If you’re looking for true lumbar support you’re generally limited to a pocket coil spring solution.  Springs are designed solely to compress and decompress vertically.  The support Pillars provide the same level of support (as a pocket coil spring) but distribute your body weight with a much more natural feel.

When comparing the supportive comfort feeling of Spoon mattress compared to traditional coil springs – Spoon wins hands down.  Especially for side and back sleepers.

Testing Spoon Sleep’s LiveSmart Breathable Spill Resistant Cover

There is nothing worse than spilling coffee or tea on your mattress and quickly trying to clean it up before the stain sets.  Which, regardless of how quickly you attend to the spill – that inevitable reality sets in – and the stain is now tattooed to your mattress for life.

Protecting your investment.  A quality mattress is an investment into your daily health.  So, you might be inclined to purchase a mattress protector to protect your investment from spills.  But, mattress protectors make a lot of noise while you or your partner move around in the bed.  They sleep hot as the plastic layer does not dissipate your body’s heat efficiently.  But, the worst fact is that all of the mattress cooling technology in the foam layers below are rendered useless as you’ve now placed a plastic layer between you and the foam.

Meet the LiveSmart breathable cover.  One unique feature reserved only to the Spoon mattress is the LiveSmart spill-resistant cover.  This advanced technology provides you all the benefits of a mattress protector without all of the above listed negative effects.  Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that if life happens and you spill something – your mattress will be protected.

Is this cover really spill-resistant?  We put this technology to the test and it passed with flying colors.  We literally poured water directly onto the mattress to see how it would respond.  The cover over delivered our expectations by instantly beading the water and keeping it on the surface.  So, we poured more water on the cover to see if could handle a serious spill.  Again, the LiveSmart cover beaded the water and it literally just sat on the top of the cover.  With a simple towel, we were able to remove all of the water.  When you feel the location of the spill you will feel a slight dampness but you will rest easy knowing that the spill will not damage your mattress.

Spoon Sleep Mattress Technical Specs 

Spoon Sleep Mattress Construction

Total Height. 10 inch, three layers, all foam mattress with industrial foam support Pillars.

Top Layer.  Cooling comfort layer, 2lb urethane, 15 ILD.
Performance: pressures relief.

Middle Layer.  Memory foam quick response with cooling gel, 4 lb.
Performance: Transition layer for conformity.

Support Pillars.  7 lb density urethane, properties are proprietary, cut into 3″ cylinders.
Performance: Unparalleled zoned lumbar support.

Bottom Layer. 6″ support core 1.9, ILD 35.
Performance: Patented Dual-density

Country of Origin

Made in the USA.


The cooling gel foam, memory, and support foams are Certi-Pur certified, meaning they are made without ozone-depleting chemicals and regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).


10-year limited warranty. Read More

Shipping Info

Free shipping in the United States.  If you live in Alaska or Hawaii contact Spoon’s customer support for shipping prices.

Shipping Costs

Free shipping and free returns in the US.

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